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How it Works : Matched betting is a simple, strategic way of betting, that allows us to take advantage of the bookies sign up bonuses and the following offers. All we need to do is place a bet at a bookmaker and then 'lay' the bet off against the same outcome at a betting exchange such as Betfair, Smarkets or Matchbook. As the Lay bet covers all the possible outcomes, this means we make a guaranteed risk-free profit whatever the result

Realistic Profits? : The more offers and time spent, the more you will earn. During big events such as the Football Euros and World Cup, or Horse Racing at Cheltenham and the Grand National, the offers are plentiful and your profits will soar.
Personally, I think you can make on average of 1000 per month, that is on average 33 per day over the year.
With just 30 minutes a day, you should be able to reach 500 each month.
From sign ups alone, there is approximately 1500 to be made which will span many months.

Is Matched Betting for me? : The easy reply to that is, well do you wish to get 500 (Risk Free and Tax Free) per month extra money to spend on (insert here things you would like to buy), then yes, it is for you.

Who does Matched Betting? : I have met a range of people, from Students and stay at home mums, to people that have been gamblers before Matched Bettors.